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Battleships, but you switch boards with your opponent every two turns.

I made this game in an attempt to understand how Unity handles Networking, so this isn't actually very playable or pretty. The game in itself was made for my 'Game Projects' class, alongside my two friends Silvia and Lucas. The rules are as following:

  • Every two turns, you switch boards with your opponent;
  • The loser is whoever has the board when all its ships are destroyed;
  • Players have two actions, which they can divide between MOVEMENT (move a ship) and BANZAI (fire at a tile in your opponent's board);
  • Not only do you have to place your ships, but you also have to place your TREASURE (basically, a power-up). If your opponent hits your TREASURE, you need to hide it again next turn;
  • TREASURE can be:
    • BONUS ACTIONS: when you use it, you have 4 actions instead of 2;
    • BARRIER: when you apply a barrier on a ship, each of its tiles can survive two shots instead of only one;
    • RADAR: when you use it, you must select a line on your opponent's board - all its tiles are revealed to you.

It may look kinda complicated but actually I find it's a lot more fun than vanilla Battleships (which is just hurr durr select random number rinse repeat). The objective of this project was exactly that: to take a simple base game and try to make it more fun.

This only works with Local Networks, which means that you must use Hamachi or something like it. I'm learning!

This game's code is on my GitHub. It was made in September 2016.

Install instructions

Open the .exe file.


vinizinhos_battleships.zip 11 MB